The team

Who is OsKar ?

« O » stands for being Open to a world in which companies evolve.

« K » represents the fact each company or each mission is one of a Kind.

« AR » because knowing how to provide support is an ARt in itself: « a combination of precise moves for a controlled practice between theoretical science and spontaneous practice ».

These three syllables make an Oscar, the ultimate reward for the best professionals in their category.

Florence Riu-Daumal - Founder

Florence has operated in three complementary environments: banks, businesses and communication agencies. This original and highly comprehensive path gave her a double competence: communication & finance with one specificity: knowledge of the corporate world. Florence is a graduate from the Audencia Business School and is fluent in both English and German.


In 1991, Florence started working as an analyst for the Westdeutsche Landesbank, where she was in charge of a portfolio comprised of SMEs / SMIs and later on of industrial groups. She also worked in financial analysis for the Caisse Centrale des Caisses d’Epargne that she joined in 1997. She played an active part in the industrial sector and took part in the creation of the counterparty exposure analysis department.

In 1999, Florence decided to find out more about the corporate world from the inside. She was hired to take care of analyst and investor relations on behalf of Ciments Français, for which she implemented competition monitoring tools.

In 2001, she joined the Vivendi Environnement group – later Veolia Environnement –, which was going through a rough patch at the time. She played an active part in every step of the process aimed at regaining the investors’ trust: reorganising the shareholder structure (taking care of the Vivendi Universal exit), managing the group’s liquidity crisis, maintaining the relationship with rating agencies. In this context, Florence designed specific communication for credit analysts and bond investors alike.

In 2004, Florence joined Image Sept as a consultant specialised in institutional and financial communication matters. Below is a brief overview of some of the missions she completed:

M&A: GDF-Suez merger; Capgemini – Kanbay acquisition in India; Veolia – Management of Vinci acquisition rumours.

Preparation of sensitive general assemblies: Valeo – Press management of Pardus’ criticism of the group’s industrial strategy; Capgemini – Shareholders had lost trust in the general management strategy following a sharp drop in share price.

Advisory service in financial communication: BIC, Club Med, Capgemini, Valeo.

Social and restructuring: Sequana - Announcement of a new organisation involving French regional units.

Drawing on this extensive and concrete vision of the corporate world and related communication challenges, Florence created Oskar Partners in 2008.

In 2011, Oskar grows with the creation of the Financial strategy consulting department, and the opening of an office in Nantes. Florence enhances its fields of expertise by supporting project leader or growing company looking for funds throughout the fundraising process.

In 2016, always with the conviction that a comprehensive approach of the efficiency of a company is key, Florence invests in the issues of governance and CSR. Florence completes a certified training specialized in governance skills (roles and responsibilities of a Board member) at Audencia Business School supported by the Institut Français des Administrateurs and Nantes Atlantique Place Financière.

OsKar Partners settles in Geneva