Our fields of expertise

Financial Communication

An Opportunity to Enhance the Value of Your Company

Oskar Partners works with both listed and unlisted companies, aptly enhancing their strategy, their results and their perspectives with their partners.

  • communicating on results,
  • making your strategy known,
  • convincing your shareholders,
  • finding investors,
  • efficiently spreading your message at the right time with the audience you are trying to win over - bankers, financial analysts, credit analysts, managers, individual shareholders, rating agencies, journalists.


  • monitoring and analysis: regulations, economic and financial news,
  • benchmarking: shape and content of competitors’ communication,
  • perception study: expectation analyses before publishing, messages conveyed after publishing,
  • implementation communication tools: presentation, mails to shareholders, Q&A
  • staff information modules: tools to raise awareness among employees regarding economic challenges.