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Group of the oil-related industry

Supporting the HR department in structuring a capital increase reserved for employees.


Within the frame of its group-level savings scheme, this CAC 40 listed group wishes to present its employees with a new capital increase for the first time in 3 years.


The HR department wants the operation to comply with the highest standards on the market. With the consent of the finance department, HR is calling on an external consultant, who is an expert on such operations and, through constant market monitoring, can make sure that the most recent techniques will be applied to this operation.

Achieved together

  • assistance, review and confirmation of financial structuring proposals made by the bank,
  • identification with the bank of the economic and financial parameters used in each formula and for each country, in order to determine the performance drivers (multiple and/or minimal annual return),
  • proof-reading and critical analysis of the operations’ documentation, suggestion of potential changes and documentation negotiations in coordination with the operation’s legal Counsel,
  • coordination of legal documents with the AMF visa application package and communication to the employees,
  • organisation of the required tendering process for the purchase of call options, from writing specifications to opening tenders.