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CAC 40 listed group of the automobile industry

Supporting financial communication to convince the market of the strategy’s relevance.


The group requires assistance to prepare for its financial communication deadlines throughout the various stages of the company’s life: crisis in the sector, newly appointed CEO, group’s turnaround and recovery, joining the CAC 40 index etc. and through all the growth stages of the department: appointment of a new manager, department ramp up.


The group would like an outside observer to :

  • raise questions about its communication topics,
  • identify new relevant viewpoints with regards to the group’s issues,
  • design new ways to present such topics.

Achieved together

  • preparation of major communication events :
    • benchmarking studies of competitors’ communication,
    • market expectation analysis reports,
    • news flow monitoring,
    • support to the financial communication team (drafting key messages and arguments, Q&A and designing various financial support material),
  • preparation of an Investors’ Day,
  • perception study on the Investors’ Day,
  • steering of the production of reference documents (contributor coordination, production process).