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Government of a sub-saharan African country

Creating a sovereign wealth fund (SWF).


To support the implementation of a programme in favour of a sustainable diversification of the country’s economy, the government initiated the creation of an investment SWF, by contributing to attract, directly or indirectly, entrepreneurial activities either during the launching phase, the development phase or innovative activities.


The creation of this investment fund would grant the country access to long-term capitals, which are currently unavailable. Such long-term capitals are an essential prerequisite to a sustainable economic development. Finally, the State wants to provide opportunities for its citizens living abroad to come back through development projects financed by this fund.

Achieved together

Conducted a feasibility study.

OsKar Partners confirmed the project’s relevance through two aspects :

  • Legal and regulatory feasibility of the fund, i.e. checking whether a legal and regulatory framework permitting such financial activity already exists,
  • Listing all constraints designed to maximise subscriber savings safeguarding, with a view to comply with the strictest international standards on savings protection and the fight against money laundering and funding of terrorist activities (TRACFIN procedures).