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French competitiveness cluster with a global focus

Creation of an investment vehicule.


A competitiveness cluster is a grouping of small and large companies, research labs and training institutions on a well-defined territory, around a specific subject. National and local public authorities are closely involved in this initiative.

The cluster brings together the sector’s stakeholders in Southern France regions.

The members of the cluster pointed out their lack of financial means essential to their endeavour to pursue international markets. In response, they are reflecting on their capacity to rally investors who are willing to support the sector’s companies in their international expansion.


Before launching the investment vehicle structuring process, the cluster wants to double-check the concept and its feasibility. It also wants to explore every available solution to manage and facilitate the relationship between the sector’s companies and investors.

Achieved together

  • development of a solution that makes it possible to bring investors and target projects together,
  • writing of a summary aimed at potential investors, including :
    • a presentation of the solution,
    • operating principles complying with transparency criteria in force in the financial assets management industry,
    • advantages for the investors,
  • presentation to the project leaders of the target solution, the way it operates, legal and regulatory constraints, reporting obligation and control by market authorities...
  • customer support from a financial partner specialised in investment fund administration.